“Ame ni Niteiru,” Class S, and Illness in Manga

Yesterday, I finished a book by Taeko Watanabe called Ame ni Niteiru, which translates to something like, “Like the Rain.” The book consists of two stories, the title story and “Boku no Mune mo Atsukunaru,” or something like “My Heart Warms As Well.” However, they both cover similar themes and, in my opinion, the former … Continue reading “Ame ni Niteiru,” Class S, and Illness in Manga



I decided to start a blog! We'll see how this goes~ My name is Ray. I love reading manga, and I always seem to end up with a lot to say after reading it. My tastes skew towards the weird and the old, especially along the shojo vein, and at the moment, because I live … Continue reading Welcome!